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KidsNsites the Virtual Kids Mall on the Web
- KidsNsites one of the stops in the FamilyNsites
network of web sites.
Source of products, services and fun for kids and family.

Weekly Puzzle Newsletter
- Word puzzles, logic games, skill contests and trivia quizzes
to exercise your brain on and win prizes!

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States-Mania Makes learning our fifty states fun! - States-Mania is a game that makes learning about our fifty states fun. Almost 1,000 facts about the states are included, with essays for additional explanation. Sounds, graphics, and eight different levels insure continued fun.

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Cartoon Express T-Shirt Contest - Daily cartoon t-shirt drawing.

Web Page Puzzles - You need guts for this page.Playing the web page puzzles can get you stuck, the puzzle is to figure out how to get out of the page or not get booted out or to figure out when to stop clicking the button etc...They are fun but very frustrating.

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